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About Us


At Acura Plumbing and Heating Solutions we pride ourselves on the quality of work we carry out, bringing about 100% customer service satisfaction.


Paying particular attention to safety is significant due to the dangerous nature of working with gas. When installing or servicing appliances our engineers will pay strict attention to safety procedures ensuring that there is adequate ventilation. For the safe functioning of all appliances.


We diagnose and repair faults on what can be multifaceted appliances and systems. There is not a job too big or small for Acura’s engineers to handle. 


Our dynamic and professional team is here to help.

Responding to Emergency

Servicing / Breakdown of Appliances


Safety Checks


Our engineers are ACS qualified.

ACS Certification, Core Gas Safety (CCN1)

ACS Certification, Domestic Central Heating and Central Heating Boilers (CEN1)

ACS Certification, Cookers and Hobs (CKR1)

ACS Certification, Space Heaters – Fires (HTR1)

ACS Certification, Flue Gas Analysers (CPA1)

City & Guilds Diploma in Plumbing Studies

BPEC Vented & Unvented G3 Certified

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Address:   Bristol, England
City/State: Bristol
Country:    United Kingdom
Cell:     07873903825
Tele:    07873903825