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About Us

The Mission Statement of Sweet World Enterprise is to provide the most Professional Beverage/ Mixology Service to our customers.
To achieve our sales and profitability goals while providing:
  1. Excellent Customer service to our customers
  2. Quality, brewery-fresh products to customers
  3. A sense of satisfaction through pride in our jobs and our company’s accomplishments
  4. Growth for our employees and our organization through our primary focus: the retail customer
Sweet World Enterprise Is A Professional Elite Beverage Service and Mixology company that caters for Corporate events, Weddings and Parties.

Product Description
At Sweet World Enterprise we don't just offer Cocktail Packages and juices we tailor to the needs your events inclusive of the theme of your event.
Sweet World Enterprise (SWE) Provides Value Beyond Traditional Brand Management.


Address:   Kingston. Lot 876
City/State: Kingston
Country:    Jamaica
Cell:     (876) 479-8367
Tele:    (876) 479-8367