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My name is Mark ''Sopreem'' Armstrong and it is my dream to be the best film director and editor there is, I am 200% passionate about my work and in the future I hope my words will remain. I started to edit videos from the ninth grade in 2009, how I come about knowing this is strange to others but to me its so overwhelming that just the memory of it gives me motivation. It was february of the same year I was in Information Technology class I was to do my School Based Assesment (SBA) on the computer but instead I was snooping around until I found the Windows Movie Maker 2.0, growing up I watch alot of television so I was very enthusiastic about knowing how a movie is made.

I didn't understood the software at first so I read the help option in the software for days untill I understood, then I encouraged my friend Cavan ''Chucky" Bryan to get this software on his notebook, and from there I grew into Sopreem, I made my first slide show you can view it at (highlight link, right click, select go to), everyone loved it and seeing that I did something people actually loved encouraged me to do better at it every time, even now I still adapt to this principle, from my first slide show I went to doing my first music video for an upcoming artiste called " Leego Teckh" you can view it at Doing this video arose my first oppurtunity, I was going to work for a studio called " Prolific Records" because the owner " Ian Jarrette" liked the video. About a week or two later I did a video for their artiste you can view it at After this video I did another video for Leego Teckh and a friend named '' Helmoh" the Song was called " Summer Time'' during the editing of this video I got a hard fight from the engineer at Prolific, we had an argument and almost fought, I left because of his illiterate and unreasonable behaviours towards business.

After leaving I met the famous director Nordia Rose she did most of Vybz Kartel and the Gaza videos, anyway she came and saw my video I did for Summer time but both artistes Leego Teckh and Helmoh did another version of the song called " Party time", she and Leego Teckh did business and she did it over.

After prolific I started to work alone thats when Sopreem's Film Productions was born. I didn't have a camera I didn't have nothing I did  videos for free to make my name, I did a video for a friend, we agreed on a price,  when the video was finished he didn't pay I confronted him one night and he said I could get hurt I won't say his name but its because of Chucky why I let it pass. I did a video for another atiste he isn't a friend or anything, I charged him 10G to do the video normally I collect before I start to work but because he's trying in his career and so am I, I made him an offer I told him I would shoot the video for him but he must come up with half of the money before I start to edit it he agreed. I heard from someone that he said I'm not a good person I charged him to do his video. Not a good person? I couldn't believe this, I don't know this guy we're doing business and I made him an offer and he turned around and stab me in the back I took my mind off him and his video. On Febraury 2, 2014, I started to work for Lion Brothers Entertainment as their Film Director and Editor, I did a viral video for them you can view it at doing this video, they saw my skills and potentail and were willing to work with me on the team, I like it here cause we're like family here, I show all my respect and I hope the best for this company Lion Brothers Entertainment.



Address:   Kingston, Jamaica
City/State: kingston
Country:    Jamaica
Tele:    1-876-857-2199