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About Us

Are you searching for a express car wash? You must visit Soapy Suds twice a year to have a protective layer of adhesive applied to your car. The sealant and polish should last approximately six months. While designing our quick and drive-through car washes, we kept your health and safety in mind. You can save hours by visiting Soapy Suds' Express Wash rather than dragging out the hose and navigating the crowds at the store to buy cleaning supplies. We are the sole provider of brand-new, gleaming automobiles on the market and carry all of the necessary products. Using Soapy Suds, it is possible to restore your vehicle to showroom condition. From conception to grand opening, we will assist you as your car wash expands. With the support of our people, decades of experience, and technical and operational expertise, we assist you in establishing and operating THE ideal auto detailing business, YOUR ideal car wash business. We can also assist in reducing expenses and labour, allowing you to include additional profit-generating activities such as cleaning wheels and tyres.



Address:   28038 The Old Rd, Valencia, CA 91355, United States
City/State: Valencia
Country:    United States
Tele:    +1 (661) 294-3036