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Many home security companies now offer combined home and business plans. You can deal with one company for home and office security guard services in Sacramento, CA. In the past, you may have needed two companies or two accounts at a single company for your home and office. It was more about policy than needing different alarm systems. Business security was usually handled differently than home security. Combining the two plans simplifies things for the customer and the security firm's monitoring. Home and business security needs are similar. The alarm system can be monitored or stand-alone. Depending on your budget and needs, you'd make these decisions for your home or office. The monitoring differs between home and office systems. Both home and office systems offer central monitoring so the alarm company can alert you and the authorities. Office systems differ. After hours, many businesses hire security guards or have building management provide them. In case of an alarm, the alarm company can work with these security guards, which is rare for home alarms. Office alarms aren't just for break-ins. The alarm company can alert the fire department in case of a fire.



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