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In Anaheim, CA hiring a security guard services for your electronics store is vital. Laptop stores are often robbed because they're portable and easy to sell in black marketplaces. Vandals may also target laptop-selling establishments since they can do a lot of damage quickly. Every safe, counter, and door needs double security. First, authorised personnel must provide the correct password; second, they must have a card or metal keys.  Having all things secured with a computerised locking system would involve money and time, but isn't it worth the safety of your expensive merchandise? If you don't have a security guard, install a metal detector at the entrance. Metal detectors prevent people from stealing your laptops during momentary slips in attentiveness. Burglars will have to work for your store.  Metal detectors are expensive, thus you can't put one at every entrance/exit. If your store has many entrances, lock all but the main one during business hours. Consider using one access point during off-hours. Multiple entry points make it harder to secure your company interests. 






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