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About Us

Luxury Property Care, is a joint endeavor founded by Sivan Gerges and Liran Koren. Our mission is to manage your property so you can focus on expanding your business. By eliminating the day-to-day tedious work needed to keep properties stable.

Florida’s Only Full-Service Property Management Services and Investment Concierge. At Luxury Property Management Care, we do more than just manage real estate—we add immediate and quantifiable value to your business that more than offsets our fees. In short, we’re not a line item expense but the savviest investment you can make that will keep generating you more wealth for years to come. Real estate investing can be your ticket to boundless wealth, or a bottomless money pit. The real difference between those landlords living the dream of running a real estate empire that generates endless passive income and those forced to work every day to stay above water is all about finding the right property management partner.


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Luxury Property Care
Call: (561)944-2992
Address: 950 Peninsula Corp Cir #1013, Boca Raton, FL 33487


Address:   950 Peninsula Corp Cir #1013, Boca Raton, FL 33487
City/State: Boca Raton
Country:    United States
Cell:     5619442992
Tele:    5619442992