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About Us

Essential Disposal offers an effective and convenient Bolton construction waste removal services. Our team helps you finish the project on time and on a budget without worrying about getting rid of the trash. Our Bolton construction waste removal has a wide selection of bins. You can choose the right size for your disposal needs and we have the expertise to remove any unwanted items during construction. Our services are certified and in compliance with the city ordinances. We are experienced and knowledgeable in professional collection, sorting, and disposal initiatives. To help you dispose of the non-hazardous, uncontaminated material properly, have our services. Contact our team of Bolton construction waste removal experts or visit our office at 19-1 Marconi Ct, Bolton, Ontario, L7E 1E2, Ontario, Canada to find out more.


Address:   19-1 Marconi Ct
City/State: Bolton
Country:    Canada
Cell:     416-853-3000
Tele:    416-853-3000