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About Us

With your relocation fast approaching, the time has come for you to start looking at all the different moving companies in New Jersey and what they offer. You need to find movers who offer all the services that you’re planning on using, movers who have an excellent reputation and great reviews across the board, movers who are licensed and insured so that you can trust them without wondering if you’ll become a victim of a scam, movers who fit within your budget without sacrificing quality for affordability… In short, what you need are the best movers NJ for your relocation! And there’s really only one moving company that fits this particular bill - Bluebell Relocation Services! With more than a decade of experience and thousands of successful relocations under our belt, we are more than equipped to handle just about anything you throw at us. Our professional movers will help you relocate anywhere, be it just a few blocks away in the same town or to the other side of the country - the distance makes no difference to us! Trained and equipped packers will be ready to take over the packing part of the process for you, efficiently and safely preparing all your belongings for transport. We can even ship your vehicle to your new address if you’d prefer not to drive yourself! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what we offer. So give us a call today and find out more! 

Address 35 Monhegan St, Clifton, NJ 07013, USA

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Address:   35 Monhegan St
City/State: Clifton
Country:    United States
Tele:    201-468-6024