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About Us

It is ironic how fast your most comfortable piece of furniture can become your worst nightmare when you have to move it. Now that you need to pack up your whole house, how fast you can go from cherishing your king size bed to getting tired of just thinking about dismanling it. However, all of this can be our problem if you hire our moving and storage NYC team which can pack and transport the large item without much trouble, thanks to the great experience in moving cumbersome pieces of furniture. Enlisting pros such as the Divine Moving and Storage NYC is smart namely because you and your friends, like most people, probably have no idea how to get a king size bed down the stairs or around other obstacles. Don’t worry about it anymore. The Divine Moving and Storage NYC are here to navigate you through this upcoming adventure.

Full Address: 845 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA
Phone: 212-244-4011
Fax: 212-244-4155
Toll-Free: 866-668-7666
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Address:   845 3rd Ave
City/State: New York
Country:    United States
Cell:     212-244-4011
Tele:    959644