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About Us

Multilingua is a premier education Group that offers the best in-its-class language Education , IELTS training & personalized guidance to students who wish to learn and willing to try new and unfamiliar thing. We are also one of the BEST language & IELTS coaching, IELTS Training Course, English Language Course, German Language Course, French Language Institute, Chinese Language Classes in Delhi, Language Translation services, provide training to large number of students every year who are looking to work & study Abroad.

IELTS Training Course in Delhi
English Language Course in Delhi
German Language Course in Delhi
French Language Institute Delhi
Chinese Language Classes in Delhi
Language Translation services in Delhi


Address:   F 76, 3rd Floor, Saidulajab, Near SAKET Metro Station (Exit from Gate No.2), Delhi-110030
City/State: Delhi/NCR
Country:    India
Cell:     9717930528
Tele:    9717930528