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About Us

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We specialize in phytohormone Adult Supplements & beauty supplies. Made entirely of Quality, Natural ingredients, all of our products are developed without animal testing. As an environmentally conscious company, everything from research & development to packaging & shipping are all performed with leaving the smallest carbon footprint in mind.

Together, we will beautify & endow the lacking♥ Please don’t be fooled by charlatans peddling imitations of our product line. Make sure to buy from Become Efflorescent!    ( For iPhone or iPad users )•

Our Interactive Brochure

The Become Efflorescent Interactive Brochure is easy to use; with instructions in the beginning passage. Our Interactive Brochure also shows & describes which plants are used in our products.

To get your free copy, simply click the picture above, select your country & download. If you country is not listed please contact our Customer Support at

Female & Male Introductions

Our Introductions will give you a better idea of who we are at Become Efflorescent & how we help people. Inside you will also find "Before-After" picture testimonials of current clientele. 

To get your free copy, simply click the picture above, select your language, then download. If you language is not listed please contact Customer Support at

Earn Money with Us

We at Become Efflorescent are always seeking to expand. Although we prefer partnerships with retail business owners, if you know someone with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, this business opportunity is also a great fit them. For more information on our Supplier Partnership Program contact our Co-Founder & Co-President, Ra'sheen Turpin at


Address:   7416 West Reade Avenue
City/State: Glendale
Country:    United States
Cell:     +1-623-206-2069
Tele:    +1-623-217-2202

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