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Simiyah Digital Marketing Professionals

We offer digital marketing solutions to businesses looking to drive sales and revenue growth through the use of the internet.

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Simiyah Digital Marketing Professionals is a digital marketing firm seeking to help business people who may not be aware of or be able to use technologies across the web to power their business' success.

The dedicated and experienced professionals at Simiyah Digital Marketing Professionals therefore aims to offer digital marketing solutions to businesses looking to drive sales and revenue growth through the use of the internet. As our reputation is essentially your business' success, we desire to work closely along with our valued clients, accommodating all queries and complaints, as we strive to deliver quality service while producing desired results.





Online Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Benefits of Online Marketing


Offering your products on the Internet is convenient for customers. They can browse your online store at any time and review or place orders when it is convenient for them.


By marketing on the Internet, you can overcome the barrier of distance. Customers any where in the world can review your product.


Marketing products on the Internet costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlet. Therefore more revenue will be retained in the business. 



Internet marketing enables you to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences. 


The Internet provides an important platform for building relationships with customers and increasing customer retention levels.

Source: http://smallbusiness.chron.com

Who is Simiyah?

Simiyah Digital Marketing Professionals was founded by Rowen Johnson an Entrepreneurship major, at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Himself an entrepreneur, Johnson understands the difficulty that many new and existing businesses face when trying to promote their products. Having started his own company Culture Cards, a manufacturer of a brand of Jamaican Greeting Cards, Johnson lacking the funds or the know how needed to maximize traditional forms of advertising, began searching for alternative mediums. Johnson came to realize that the internet offered a wide range of opportunities for businesses to promote their products, and as a result increase sales and revenue. It was after seeing the potential that technologies like social media, among several others, offered Jamaican businesses for growth that Johnson sought to expand his knowledge base. This led him to form Simiyah Digital Marketing Professionals.  

Other marketing experience

To raise awareness of his company, Johnson participated in numerous business competitions, namely the UTech Business Model Competition 2014/15, in which he was a finalist. Johnson is also a writer and has released one title, "Growth and Adulthood" thus far. In addition, Johnson also assisted with the organization and promotion of the Kingstoon Animation Event. He is involved with the UTech Public Relations Committee, and is also acting Public Relations Officer for the African Cultural Renaissance Movement.

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