Example of Business Site below

Note: 8 Tiles represent 8 Pages, use the Tiles to navigate to different Pages of your Business Site.(Responsive and Standard design are available)

All Business Sites are index in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Business Page Example

Benefits Of Creating a Business Site

JKFutureTech makes it easy for businesses locally and globally to get more business or customers using the power of the Web. No longer do you need to have several accounts from various marketing firms to accomplish business success.

1. Improve your visibility: Icons are provided to link with other website such as Facebook, Twitter etc, widgets are place on business site allowing user to share site content to any social media sites and this will improve your traffic flow to products or services.

2. Helps control your ranking: by creating great content, building links and creating a product or service that customer wants to engage with, you set yourself up for search engine optimization and this improves your chance for appearing for the right queries in search engine.

3. Additional sales tools: create a business site to advertise or market any type of legal services, use it as your additional marketing tool by adding information to business site on your products or services, use business site to market your skills or trades and professional services.

4. Helps build your authority: Over the last couple year’s website and social presence are factors customers looking for when they research a small business, by creating a business site you set up a shop on the internet and show customers that this is where they come to get information about your products and service you have to offer. Without multiple marketing tools you’re at a disadvantage.

5. Key Feature: Use your business site as your personal website or to drive traffic to your websites, blogs, articles etc and for additional back link. All Business Sites are Index in Google, Bing Search engine etc, to speed up the process share your business site to social media sites.